Slovenian Open National Finswimming Championship




The official rules of the Championship are based on the CMAS Finswimming International Rules.

Finswimming (FS): 50m, 100 m, 200 m, 400 m, 800 m, 1500 m
Relays (FS): 4 x 100m, 4 x 200m & 4 x 50m
Apnoea (A): 50 m
Immersion (IM): 100 m, 400 m & 800 m

Born in 1987 and younger - category C
Born in 1985 in 1986 - B
Born in 1984 and older - A
Recreational - R (born in 1978 and older)
Starting groups will be organized based on results listed in application forms for the competition.

Points will be assigned based on CMAS 1000 table.
Athletes can compete in all disciplines, but only two athletes from the same club will get points for the team placing.

Certificates, cup for team winner, practical rewards for individual winners.
All competitors (A, B, C, R) also compete in absolute category.
All applied for B and C age group, compete in B category.
C group competes only in this category.

Competition and awards for an event will be delivered only if a minimum of four competitors has officially registered and completed the event (National and Open). If there are less than four competitors registered for the race, it may be removed from the schedule by the organization committee.

If a competitor does not compete in two or more of the events in which he is registered, he will be disqualified for the whole competition (also in events already done!), unless he or she has medical reasons.


  • Club or federation members card
  • Personal identification (passport or personal identity card)
  • Medical certificate (not older than 12 months, not needed for recreational competitors)


Protests and appeals are to be submitted to the jury in 15 minutes after the official announcement of results, accompanied by a deposit of 20 EUR. If the jury finds protest acceptable, the deposit is returned.


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