Slovenian Open National Finswimming Championship


Slovenian Open National Finswimming Championship

June 8, 2002


Championship will be held on open pool Vevče (Ljubljana), on 8th of June 2002.
Pool length is 50 m and has 8 lines; depth is 1.8 m. Starting blocks are on both sides of the pool. Timing will be both electronic and manual. You can read competition rules here.


Applications will be accepted until May 24, 2002.
You can download the application form here.

Applications have to be sent to one of the following addresses:

By e-mail: (preferred)

By fax: +386-1-5154015 (attn: Gregor Jeromen)

By mail:

Potapljaško društvo NEMO
Poljanska cesta 54
SI-1000 Ljubljana

We will answer any questions received over above e-mail address ( In case of urgency you can also reach the organizer at +386-(0)41-365542 (Tina) or +386-(0)41-904992 (Sabina).

Starting fee is 10 EUR per competitor.


Boarding is possible at Hotel BIT (Litijska cesta 57). Price for 3-person room is 8190 SIT (37 EUR for 3 persons), additional payment for breakfast is 800 SIT (3.5 EUR). Team leaders are kindly asked to report the number of competitors on time due to reservation of accommodation!


9h - 10h warm up
1. 800m and 1500m FS (competitors, registered for both disciplines will be timed for both)
2. 200m FS
3. 100m IM
4. 50m FS
5. 4 x100m FS relay or 4x200m FS relay (will be agreed on referee meeting)

BREAK for about 2 hours.

15h - 16h warm up
1. 50m A
2. 400m FS
3. 100m FS
4. 400m IM and 800m IM (competitors, registered for both disciplines will be timed for both)
5. 4 x 50m FS relay

The organizer holds the right to change the schedule!

We are looking forward to meet you!

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